At Accessibility Services, we can provide or refer you to a variety of services to support your academic success. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your needs and arrange the appropriate services.

If you are currently registered with Accessibility Services, you can find more in-depth information regarding the support available to you on the Accessibility Services Canvas course.

Academic strategies

Academic strategies are administered by qualified professionals who provide one-on-one or small group sessions to students in the Learning Café. Strategy sessions focus on:

  • individualized strategy training, including special techniques for students with specific learning and attention problems
  • demonstrating and modelling appropriate learning techniques
  • opportunities to practice strategies using actual coursework
  • general strategies for organization, time management, test-taking, anxiety management, studying, reading, writing, note-taking, math skills and advanced thinking skills
  • identification and use of learning technologies to support strategy development (e.g. text-to-speech software)

Peer tutoring

If you require specialized content tutoring that is not typically provided by our academic strategists, you may be referred to the Learning Café Peer Tutoring service. At the Learning Café, you’ll work with a peer tutor in a one-on-one or small group learning format. You’ll typically receive up to one hour of tutoring per week per course.

Note: Peer tutoring services are subject to the availability of a qualified tutor. Though we endeavour to locate a tutor for all requests, in those circumstances where a peer tutor is not available, you may be referred to your instructor or an academic strategist for additional support.

Technology training

Our team works with you to identify appropriate strategies and relevant technologies to support your academic success. If you require a specialized technology needs assessment or training, you can work with an assistive technologist. Referrals are made during advising appointments at Accessibility Services.

Technologies may include:

  • text-to-speech and speech-to-text software
  • computer screen magnifying software
  • smart pens and audio recorders
  • audio amplification devices
  • apps, websites and software relevant to Lethbridge College programs

Exam accommodations

Exam accommodations can be provided if you have a documented disability and require special testing arrangements, such as:

  • extended time
  • separate space for writing
  • access to reading software, word processors or magnifiers

These accommodations are determined through Accessibility Services in cooperation with students and instructors. Accommodated exams are written in Testing Services Satellite Lab (TE1233) and are generally scheduled for the same time as in-class exams unless there is a scheduling conflict.

Other support

We facilitate other specialized support as required, including educational care attendants and interpreters. If you require specialized support, we encourage you to contact us three months before the start of classes to discuss your unique needs.