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Does Accessibility Services only support students?

No. Accessibility Services supports students, faculty and staff. When possible, we will also consult with other campus departments, community members and agencies to provide disability-related information and resources.

Do I have to report my disability or can I keep this information private?

You are only required to disclose your disability if you are applying for a permanent disability grant or if you are requesting academic accommodations, such as special exam arrangements or modified materials. In this case, you need to identify yourself to the Accessibility Services office so that these arrangements can be facilitated. Your disability documentation is kept on file in the office but the only information shared with others, including your instructor, is accommodation options that support your identified needs.

For more information on self-advocacy and disclosure, please refer to the Additional resources page.

Is there a cost to use Accessibility Services?

Consultations with our staff are free. If you require ongoing academic support (e.g. tutoring, academic strategies, note-taking, alternate format materials) or if you need specialized software or equipment, Accessibility Services will help you apply for and/or access the appropriate funding to pay for these supports.

You can find more information about funding on the Funding or Additional resources pages.

How do I know if I have a learning disability?

If you suspect that you may have a learning disability, you are encouraged to discuss your learning challenges with us. Following an initial interview, further screening or referrals for assessments may be conducted or you may be referred to the Learning Café for academic support.

Does Lethbridge College offer special programs for students with disabilities?

Within credit programs, there are no special courses designed only for students with disabilities. However, our goal at Lethbridge College is to accommodate students with disabilities in any of the regular programs for which they qualify.

Lethbridge College is proud to offer Inclusive Post-Secondary Education (IPSE), which provides a unique experience for individuals with developmental disabilities to attend Lethbridge College as a college student. Students who qualify for funding by Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) and either have a modified high school diploma or no high school diploma may be eligible to audit classes through IPSE. You can find more information on this opportunity here.

My issues seem really overwhelming. Will an advisor be able to help me?

We will always listen to your concerns. If we feel that another service will better meet your needs, we will refer you to that department or agency.

Can I take a reduced course-load?

Some students qualify for reduced course-load, depending on documentation and need. Please contact us for more information.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my accommodations?

If you want to arrange accommodations or are having issues with your existing accommodations, please contact our office.