Work Search Resources

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Below you will find links to information, services, and strategies to support you if you are looking for work and/or if you are currently in a job and now working remotely. 

Understanding Skills

Learn the difference between technical and employability skills. Understand how to identify them in a job posting, and describe them in your resume and interview.

Your Resume

What should you include?

Targeted Resumes & Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Understand the online application process. Position your application package (resume and cover letter) for success, and get an interview.

How a human screens your resume

Understand the recruiters perspective in selecting candidates for interview based on the resume.

Describe your experience

Follow this two-step process to describe your experience and draw the recruiter to the information they need to see.

Cover Letters

Emphasize your skills in a personal way. Bring your application to the top of the pile.

Telling your Story - Resume and Interview

Use story-telling to describe your skills and experience. Create a clear picture of your capabilities.


References are our friends. Leverage your reference page to further showcase your skills.


It’s professional, its important.  Tips for doing it right, and doing it online.