WTT-1100 Introductory Electrical Theory - 3.00 credits

WTT-1100  Introductory Electrical Theory  (3 Credits)  An entry-level course in which electrical properties such as voltage, current, resistance and power are explored. The course will provide the student with the necessary foundations for more advanced electrical concepts. Students who have successfully completed this course in addition to WTT-1103 and WTT-1104 will have the equivalent of the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training 1st Year Electrician Technical Training and will be eligible to write the Period One Electrician Provincial Exam. Not available for supplemental.Instruction (2.0), Lab (3.0), Tutorial (1.0)Requisite courses: Take WTT-1103 (Required, Concurrent). Take WTT-1104 (Required, Concurrent). Take WTT-1100L (Required, Concurrent). Take WTT-1100T (Required, Concurrent).