STS-2260 Statistics and Applied Research I - 3.00 credits

STS-2260  Statistics and Applied Research I  (3 Credits)  An introduction to the fundamentals of statistical methods and preparation to design and defend an applied research proposal. The first part of the course, statistical methods includes descriptive statistics, inferential methods, correlation, regression, and non-parametric methods. Computer literacy is required as statistical software is used. The second part of the course prepares students to establish the framework for the applied research project which will culminate in the applied research course. Not available for supplemental. Not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment.Instruction (4.0)Equivalent to STS-1183, STS-183.Requisite courses: Take COM-1164 or ENG-1159 (Required, Previous). Take MTH-1150 (Required, Previous). Take SUR-1150 (Required, Previous).