PNR-2270 Comprehensive Practicum - 6.00 credits

PNR-2270  Comprehensive Practicum  (6 Credits)  A final comprehensive practicum will allow the student to apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes reviewed in the refresher program, under the guidance of a preceptor. The clinical practice will encompass entry level full scope of practice skills in a variety of settings. This course requires 240 hours of work integrated learning. Not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment. Not available for supplemental credit.Work Integrated Learning (16.0)Equivalent to PNR-2270W.Requisite courses: Take PNR-2250 (Required, Previous). Take PNR-2251 (Required, Previous). Take PNR-2252 (Required, Previous). Take PNR-2253 (Required, Previous). Take PNR-2254 (Required, Previous).