PNG-2267 Community Nursing - 3.00 credits

PNG-2267 Community Nursing (3 Credits) The focus of this course is on developing nursing knowledge and skills needed to provide care to a variety of individuals, families and groups in the community who are at various positions on the age and health continuum. Students will explore the determinants of health and concepts of holistic care that support health promotion and disease prevention. Not available for supplemental.Instruction (3)Equivalent to NSG-2267, NSG-267.Requisite courses: Take PNG-2251 (Required, Previous). TAKE PNG-2252 (Required, Previous). TAKE PNG-2253 (Required, Previous). TAKE PNG-2254 (Required, Previous). TAKE PNG-2256 (Required, Previous). TAKE PSY-1170 (Required, Previous). Take PNG-2257 (Required, Concurrent). TAKE PNG-2259W (Required, Concurrent). TAKE PNG-2260 (Required, Concurrent).