PNG-2260 Full Scope of Practice Skills (Pr. IV) - 3.00 credits

PNG-2260 Full Scope of Practice Skills (Pr. IV) (3 Credits) A further application towards building skills for competent nursing practice. Focus is on the nursing process, theory, systems and principles necessary to become a practical nurse. Theory and practice will be provided to enable students to reach competence in their full scope of practice. Not available for supplemental. Not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment.Instruction (3)Requisite courses: Take PNG-2251 (Required, Previous). Take PNG-2252 (Required, Previous). Take PNG-2253 (Required, Previous). Take PNG-2254 (Required, Previous). Take PNG-2256 (Required, Previous). Take PSY-1170 (Required, Previous). Take PNG-2257 (Required, Concurrent). Take PNG-2259W (Required, Concurrent). Take PNG-2267 (Required, Concurrent).