PNG-2251 Health and Illness (PN Theory III) - 3.00 credits

PNG-2251 Health and Illness (PN Theory III) (3 Credits) Focus is on health and illness and the role of the practical nurse in promoting health in clients with common acute health challenges. Participation in this process-oriented course will develop critical thinking skills needed to determine nursing assessment and management priorities based on health data. Not available for supplemental.Instruction (3)Equivalent to NSG-2251, NSG-251.Requisite courses: Take PNG-1167 (Required, Previous). TAKE PNG-1148 (Required, Previous). TAKE PNG-1149 (Required, Previous). TAKE PNG-1159 (Required, Previous). TAKE BIO-1161 (Required, Previous). Take PNG-2252 (Required, Concurrent). TAKE PNG-2253W (Required, Concurrent). TAKE PNG-2256 (Required, Concurrent).