PNG-1148 Health and Individuals (PN Theory II) - 3.00 credits

PNG-1148 Health and Individuals (PN Theory II) (3 Credits) Course focus will be on health and individuals and the role of the practical nurse. Students will develop an understanding of common personal and environmental factors that threaten health and wellness, as well as the body's protective responses to such conditions. The potential for healthy responses to becoming pathological will be explored. Not available for supplemental.Instruction (3)Equivalent to NSG-1148, NSG-148.Requisite courses: Take PNG-1145 (Required, Previous). TAKE PNG-1146 (Required, Previous). TAKE PNG-1147 (Required, Previous). TAKE BIO-1160 (Required, Previous). Take PNG-1149 (Required, Concurrent). TAKE PNG-1154W (Required, Concurrent). TAKE PNG-1159 (Required, Concurrent). TAKE PNG-1167 (Required, Concurrent).