PED-2257 Therapeutic Exercise - 3.00 credits

PED-2257 Therapeutic Exercise (3 Credits) This course will discuss principles of therapeutic exercise to treat the injured physically active person, to facilitate enhanced recovery and to ensure a safe return to activity. This course will incorporate lecture, demonstration and laboratory experience to instruct principles of therapeutic exercise. Students will be taught different types of stretches and the rationale for stretching. Therapeutic exercise principles and practices related to patient treatment will include stretching, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and exercise equipment. Students will develop detailed programs related to each stretch/therapeutic exercise.Instruction (1.0), Lab (2.0)Equivalent to PED-257, PED-135.Requisite courses: Take BIO-1146 or BIO-1161 (Required, Previous). Take PED-2257L (Required, Concurrent).