NSG-2422 Praxis With Families - 6.00 credits

NSG-2422  Praxis With Families  (6 Credits)  Building upon a growing knowledge base in holistic health assessment, this praxis opportunity focuses on supporting health, healing and wholeness at all stages of life, through relational practice, with a focus on family as the unit of care. A variety of placement experiences will facilitate opportunities for students to expand their view beyond hospital practice and participate in family-centred care within a multidisciplinary team. Work Integrated Learning component consists of 192 hours (16 hours for 12 weeks).Work Integrated Learning (12.0)Equivalent to NSG-2422W.Requisite courses: Take NSG-1400 (Required, Previous). Take NSG-1410 (Required, Previous). Take NSG-1420 (Required, Previous). Take NSG-1500 (Required, Previous). Take NSG-1521 (Required, Previous). Take NSG-1522 (Required, Previous). Take BIO-1155 (Required, Previous). Take BIO-1160 (Required, Previous). Take BIO-1161 (Required, Previous). Take INS-1155 (Required, Previous). Take NSG-2421 (Required, Concurrent).