NSG-2293 Maternity and Pediatric Nursing Practice - 6.00 credits

Explores increasingly complex nursing skills and provision of basic nursing care for women, children, and families from various cultural backgrounds. Students will have the opportunity to apply pharmacology, pathophysiology, critical thinking and clinical judgment to the care of women through the antenatal, labour, delivery, postpartum period and to children experiencing illness in an acute care setting. Not available for supplemental. Grading: Pass/Fail. Work Experience (6.0). Equivalent to: NSG-293. Requisite Courses: Take BIO-1160, BIO-1161, BIO-1162, ENG-1150, NSG-1155, NSG-1163, NSG-1168, NSG-1173, PSY-1160, SOC-1160 (Required, Previous), Take NSG-2254 (Required, Concurrent).