LAW-1172 Law for Corrections - 3.00 credits

This course covers the historical foundations of Canadian law and the process by which laws are developed. Included are the principles and purpose of sentencing as well as the sentencing instruments available to the court such as Discharges (with probation), Conditional Sentence Orders, and Incarceration. Early release from incarceration, both federal and provincial, via Parole and Temporary Absence are studied through the Correctional & Conditional Release Act, The Prison & Reformatories Act and the Alberta Corrections Act. Study of the Criminal Code is highlighted throughout this course with particular attention to search and seizure, use of force and Judicial Interim Release via Recognizance Orders and Peace Bonds. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FOIP) are studied from the perspective of victim-related legislation. Current legal issues in corrections will be explored with students expected to make written and classroom presentations. Not available for supplemental. Instruction (4.0). Equivalent to: LAW-172.