IDM-2287 Hospitality Design Studio - 6.00 credits

IDM-2287  Hospitality Design Studio  (6 Credits)  An advanced level design studio course exploring hospitality design featuring retail, restaurant and hotel interior design. Emphasis is on planning, functional requirements, and aesthetic considerations in designing hospitality interior environments. Topics covered include hospitality client needs, branding, space planning, material and furniture selection, building code requirements, barrier-free access, sustainable design practice, and presentation techniques used in the design of hospitality interior spaces. Not available for supplemental.Instruction (2.0), Lab (2.0), Tutorial (2.0)Equivalent to IDM-287, IDM-284.Requisite courses: Take IDM-1181 (Required, Previous). Take IDM-2290 (Required, Previous). Take IDM-2287L (Required, Concurrent). Take IDM-2287T (Required, Concurrent).