IDM-2277 Practicum - 3.00 credits

IDM-2277  Practicum  (3 Credits)  A culminating course utilizing skills acquired from core courses to be completed through a placement with a design-related employer. Practical application of professional interior design resume writing, interview skills, and work experience will be introduced. Industry standard equipment, professional site and relevant expertise will be provided to properly offer a complete work experience that supports learning outcomes. Placements must include guidance of a qualified supervisor operating in a student's chosen field and requires 120 hours of work experience. Not available for supplemental.Work Integrated Learning (3.0)Equivalent to IDM-2277W.Requisite courses: Take IDM-1170 (Required, Previous). Take IDM-1181 (Required, Previous). Take IDM-1190 (Required, Previous). Take IDM-2255 (Required, Previous).