Film Studies

HUM-2291 (3.00 credits)

This humanities course will explore film, specifically the "art" of watching film, and examine film with respect to a variety of aspects: film history, cinematography, mise-en-scene, editing, story, thematic elements, film genres, auteurism, adaptations and film theory. The student will be engaged in film on a variety of levels over the semester, from film critic to director, developing a sense of video literacy and film appreciation. The class will consist of lectures, the viewing of films, group discussion, and final class projects. The breadth of the course demands that students view some assigned films outside of class time. Not available for supplemental.

Instruction (3)

Equivalent to HUM-291.

Requisite courses: Take any one of ANT-1195 ENG-1150, ENG-1165, ENG-1190, HUM-1155, or HUM-1190 (Required, Previous).