HTH-1143 Unit Clerk Practicum - 3.00 credits

HTH-1143  Unit Clerk Practicum  (3 Credits)  A culminating course comprised of a 95-hour practicum, this provides the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained through their educational experience. The practicum experience is delivered in a health care setting under the guidance of a preceptor. Not available for supplemental. Not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment. Grading: CR/NCR.Work Integrated Learning (3.0)Equivalent to HTH-1131, HTH-131, HTH-1143W.Requisite courses: Take COM-1162 (Required, Previous). Take CPU-1151 (Required, Previous). Take CSP-1150 (Required, Previous). Take ENG-1142 (Required, Previous). Take HTH-1121 (Required, Previous). Take HTH-1125 (Required, Previous). Take HTH-1142 (Required, Previous).