HCA-1137 Clinical Placement II - 6.00 credits

HCA-1137  Clinical Placement II  (6 Credits)  Under the direction of a regulated health-care professional, learners will work in a health-care setting such as continuing care or acute care, providing person-centred care and support for clients and their families. Not available for supplemental.Work Integrated Learning (4.0)Equivalent to HCA-1137W.Requisite courses: Take HCA-1130 (Required, Previous). TAKE HCA-1131 (Required, Previous). TAKE HCA-1132 (Required, Previous). TAKE HCA-1133 (Required, Previous). TAKE HCA-1134 (Required, Previous). Take HCA-1135 (Required, Concurrent). TAKE HCA-1136 (Required, Concurrent). Take HCA-1138W (Required, Concurrent).