HCA-1133 Providing Person-Centered Care and Comfort - 6.00 credits

HCA-1133  Providing Person-Centered Care and Comfort  (6 Credits)  In this course, the learner will learn to support clients to maintain their independence and meet their care needs according to individual care plans. The learner will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to assist clients with daily grooming and hygiene and to assist clients to walk and use mobility aids and wheel chairs safely. The learner will learn several methods for carrying out client lifts and transfers, with a focus on client safety and comfort. Upon completion of the course, the learner will have an excellent baseline knowledge of standards for meeting client nutritional needs and strict guidelines in safe food handling as set out in a minimum provincial expectations. Not available for supplemental.Instruction (2.0), Lab (3.0)Requisite courses: Take HCA-1130 (Required, Concurrent). Take HCA-1131 (Required, Concurrent). Take HCA-1132 (Required, Concurrent). Take HCA-1133L (Required, Concurrent). Take HCA-1134W (Required, Concurrent).