HCA-1132 Communication and Documentation in the Health Care Environment - 3.00 credits

HCA-1132  Communication and Documentation in the Health Care Environment  (3 Credits)  This course will focus on the role and responsibilities of the health care aide when communicating effectively as a member of the collaborative care team. Strong communication skills are an important part of being a successful health care aide. The health-care environment requires competent verbal, written, and electronic communication skills, which are part of digital literacy. This course will focus on professional communication with other team members, clients, and client's families; written communication, including documentation in client records and report completion; problem-solving strategies; and handling conflict successfully. A focus on communicating effectively with clients from all cultures while demonstrating cultural competence and understanding the diversity of individuals will be included. Communication strategies for overcoming the challenges and barriers to communication between the client and caregiver caused by disease, illness, and aging in the client will also be discussed. Not available for supplemental.Instruction (2.0), Lab (2.0)Requisite courses: Take HCA-1130 (Required, Concurrent). Take HCA-1131 (Required, Concurrent). Take HCA-1133 (Required, Concurrent). Take HCA-1132L (Required, Concurrent). Take HCA-1134W (Required, Concurrent).