FWK-1163 Field Placement II - 1.50 credits

FWK-1163  Field Placement II  (1.5 Credits)  This is a focused practicum designed for exposure to a specific near-code child or coded child in an individual or small-group assignment. Students in this practicum will refine their observation and recording skills and focus on the academic skills needed by the child they are supporting, always using the reporting protocol to the teacher. They will learn the balance between individual assignments and full-classroom assistance. Students will be placed in schools in the community and surrounding areas. Integration seminars will give students opportunities to discuss and analyze experiences in their placement settings. Not available for supplemental. Not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment. Graded: CR/NCRWork Integrated Learning (1.5)Equivalent to FWK-163, FWK-1163W.Requisite courses: Take FWK-1160 (Required, Previous).