FWK-1160 Field Placement I - 1.50 credits

FWK-1160  Field Placement I  (1.5 Credits)  This course is a general practicum designed for exposure to a variety of children with near-code or coded academic difficulties. Students in this practicum focus on adjusting to a professional school environment with reporting protocols to the teacher emphasized. Students will use their developing skills to make objective observations while helping in the classroom and reflect on their helping skills. Learning to record in an objective manner is an important part of this practicum. Students are expected to act and behave in a professional manner within the school environment. Students will be placed in schools in the community and surrounding areas. Integration seminars will give students opportunities to discuss and analyze experiences in their placement settings. Not available for supplemental. Graded: CR/NCRWork Integrated Learning (1.5)Equivalent to FWK-160, FWK-1160W.