Writing for the Screen

ENG-2290 (3.00 credits)

Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone has the requisite skills of a storyteller. Before you can tell your story effectively, you need to learn how others have told their stories. ENG290: Telling Stories I is dedicated to exploring the theory of narrative and its practice in select novels, short stories and films. The narratives studied are organized around a particular theme such as identity, progress, and ritual. The course examines how the theory of narrative is in conversation with the practice of narrative encountered in the theme-organized sample of literature and film and encourages students to locate their own creative practices in this conversation. The course culminates with each student proposing an original screenplay arising out of their discoveries of narrative and its evolution. This 3-credit course is complemented by a second 3-credit course, CMM295: Telling Stories II, where the student's original screenplay is produced in the form of a four-minute short film. Not available for supplemental.

Instruction (3)

Equivalent to ENG-290.

Requisite courses: Take any one of ENG-1150, ENG-1190, HUM-1190, CAP-1161, or WRI-1150 (Required, Previous).