ENG-2285 Children's Literature - 3.00 credits

ENG-2285  Children's Literature  (3 Credits)  This course introduces the student to the historical development and evolution of children's literature, examining both fictional genres such as folklore, fantasy and realistic works, poetic genres including nursery rhymes, nonsense verse, traditional rhyme and free verse. Classical and contemporary works such as picture books, fairy tales and adventure books will be included in the selection of texts for the course. Themes of self and society, multiculturalism, alienation and family will be examined in both a national and international context. The stages of child development as they relate to children's literary genres will also be explored. Not available for supplemental.Instruction (3.0)Equivalent to ENG-285.Requisite courses: Take ENG-1150, ENG-1180, or ENG-1190 (Required, Previous).