ENF-1166 Statics and Strength of Materials - 3.00 credits

ENF-1166  Statics and Strength of Materials  (3 Credits)  An introduction to the concepts of statics and strength of materials. Students will apply competencies in mathematics and physics to solve engineering problems. It provides students with the fundamentals required to study structural design courses. Statics, the first part of the course, is primarily concerned with the study of forces acting on structural members which are at rest. Topics include forces and their effects, resultants of coplanar force systems, equilibrium of coplanar force systems, analysis of trusses, centroids, and moments of inertia. The second part of the course primarily deals with analysis and design. The topics to be covered include direct stresses and strains, shear stresses and strains, design properties, thermal stresses, torsion, bending stresses, deflection and combined stresses. Not available for supplemental. Not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment. Successful completion of ENF-1135 and ENF-1150 is deemed equivalent to ENF-1166.Instruction (5.0)Requisite courses: Take MTH-1150 (Required, Previous).