DCM-2280 Practicum - 3.00 credits

DCM-2280 Practicum (3 Credits) The application of acquired media skills and knowledge in an actual industry environment. Students find a practicum placement that supports course learning outcomes. Placements must include guidance of experienced supervisor operating in student's chosen field. Host must provide equipment, site and expertise to offer complete work experience. College facilities and equipment cannot be used in practicums. Work should be equal to duties of entry-level employee. Practicum requires 150 hours of work. Not available for supplemental. Not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment.Work Integrated Learning (3.0)Equivalent to DCM-2280W.Requisite courses: Take DCM-1159 (Required, Previous). Take DCM-1167 (Required, Previous). Take DCM-2258 (Required, Previous). Take DCM-2261 (Required, Previous). Take DCM-2262 (Required, Previous). Take DCM-2266 (Required, Previous). Take DCM-2269 (Required, Previous).