CIV-2260 Highway Design - 3.00 credits

CIV-2260  Highway Design  (3 Credits)  An expansion of the fundamental engineering principles taught in first year. Students will engage in a 360 degree process related to the planning, design, and construction practices of both urban and rural roadways in accordance to national and provincial standards. A significant portion of this course will emphasize the onsite/field application of conventional and GPS survey techniques used to reinforce theoretical concepts covered in class. Not available for supplemental. Not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment.Instruction (3.0), Lab (3.0)Equivalent to CIV-260.Requisite courses: Take ENF-1170 (Required, Previous). Take ENF-2250 (Required, Previous). Take SUR-1180; (Required, Previous). Take CIV-2260L (Required, Concurrent).