Systems Analysis and Design I

CIT-2275 (3.00 credits)

A systems development approach to the use of structured analysis methods within the framework of the established life cycle of a computer system. Includes initiation, preliminary investigation, analysis of systems requirements, fact-finding, data-flow concepts and diagrams, cost/benefit analysis, design of input/output and controls, on-line system design considerations, system testing and implementation, hardware and software selection. Not available for supplemental.

Instruction (2.0), Lab (3.0)

Equivalent to CIT-150, CIT-275.

Requisite courses: Take CIT-1156 (Required, Previous). Take CIT-1158 (Required, Previous). Take CIT-1163 (Required, Previous). Take ENG-1159 (Required, Previous). Take CIT-2275L (Required, Concurrent).