HUM-2261 Archaeology of Prehistoric Europe - 3.00 credits

This course in the Archaeology of Prehistoric Europe focuses on understanding European cultures from the earliest arrival of the genus Homo on the continent through to the rise of Ancient Greece and Rome. Key topics to be examined include Europe's prehistoric beginnings, the transition from Neanderthals to modern humans roughly 28,000 years ago, and issues such as who built Stonehenge, what did the "Venus figurines" mean and who made them, how did agriculture come to play a key role in human lives, and why and how did complex urban-oriented groups and trade emerge? Not available for supplemental. Instruction (3.0). Equivalent to: ARK-2261, HUM-261. Requisite Courses: Take any one of HIS-1170 HUM-1165 HUM-1180 or HUM-1195 (Required, Previous).