Good times and adventures for all ages at Coulee Fest

September 16 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Discover. Play. Cherish Every Moment.

Canadian Tire Kids Zone

Coulee Fest isn't just for grown-ups – we've got a whole world of excitement waiting for your the young – and young at heart - adventurers in the Canadian Tire Kids Zone! Bring your crew and get a jumpstart on laughter, play, and enchantment.

We've crafted experiences that are tailor-made for all ages, ensuring your time at Coulee Fest is nothing short of magical. From enchanting carriage rides to creativity-building crafts, our Canadian Tire Kids Zone is brimming with activities that ignite imaginations and create cherished memories.

Watch as your little ones light up with excitement in our bouncy castles, bouncing their way to pure joy. The fun doesn't stop there – they can get animated with face painting, transforming into their favourite characters and creatures. And that's not all! Get ready for a petting zoo experience that warms hearts as kids connect with adorable animals.

Join us on September 16 at Lethbridge College and let the smiles, laughter, and memories flow as your family immerses themselves in the wonderland of family-friendly activities that the Canadian Tire Kids Zone has in store!


Blowers & Grafton Kodiaks Zone 

Get in on the action and exhilarating fun in the Blowers & Grafton Kodiaks Zone! At Coulee Fest, it's all about celebrating the spirit of Kodiaks Athletics, and we've transformed this zone into a haven of interactive games that'll ignite your competitive fire and sense of Kodiaks camaraderie. After all, #weareallkodiaks!

Hoop Like a Star: Channel your inner Steph Curry as you drain 3-pointers in our inflatable basketball game. Feel the excitement of the court and experience the thrill of hitting nothing but net!

Volleyball with a Twist: Take volleyball to new heights in the bouncy castle arena. Get ready to elevate your game and score some monstrous hops while you spike and block with the energy of a true Kodiaks champion.

Bungee Run Challenge: It's a test of speed, strength, and determination with the bungee run! Race against the pull of the bungee cord and prove your Kodiaks prowess as you strive to outlast the competition and conquer the competition.

Strike Like a soccer pro: Unleash your inner Christiano Ronaldo as you aim for the goal in our soccer striking challenge. Precision and power meet in this gamified soccer experience that's sure to get your heart racing.

Join us on September 16 and let the games begin in the Blowers & Grafton Kodiaks Zone! It's a chance for fans, friends, and former Kodiaks to put their skills to the test, celebrate Kodiaks Athletics, and have a blast! 


A round of applause for our 2023 event sponsors and supporters!

We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to our amazing Coulee Fest sponsors. From local businesses to community organizations, each sponsor has made a significant impact and helped us bring Coulee Fest to life.