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1st Choice Savings Stage


From family-friendly fun to local rock music to powerhouse major country artists, this multi-genre lineup has something for everyone!

The Band Formerly Known as Karen, Lewis and Pam – 1:15 p.m.

​Be ready to kick off the day with classic kid’s rock and family fun with The Band Formerly Known as Karen, Lewis and Pam!

Come sing along with your favourite classic tunes and enjoy the family-friendly entertainment!

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Plaid Ramblers – 2:15 p.m.

Plaid Ramblers is a hometown band from Lethbridge, Alberta. A Country/Rock cover band that comprises itself with experience. Lead vocalist/acoustic guitar, Luke James Bruce has shared the stage with acts such as Dallas Smith, The Washboard Union, Mother Mother, even CCR. Lead guitarist Ryan Klassen has been in numerous bands performing on stages around southern Alberta. Bassist Mike Houghton's killer bass picking, and numerous hair styles is guaranteed to get attention. Drummer Gabe Sinclair has had a great professional career playing in the band Soup Of Flies.

Things you can expect when you see the Plaid Ramblers live - crowd interaction/an extensive list of covers with great variety of plaid shirts and good looks.

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Kodiak Beast Feast – 3:30 p.m.

This year's Coulee Fest will feature a competitive eating competition we are lovingly calling the Kodiak Beast Feast. Twenty lucky Kodiaks will have the chance to eat like a beast before hibernation and devour the traditional foods of a Kodiak bear - you know... berry pies, Swedish berries and Goldfish crackers.

Remember, there is only room for 20 individuals and registration will be first-come-first-serve, so sign-up today!

For those not interested in competing, come on out to see the show and cheer on your favourite beast!

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Hailey Benedict – 4:45 p.m.

Music flows in Hailey Benedict’s blood, with a lifelong passion for singing and songwriting. Pulled up on stage by Keith Urban in front of 20,000 fans in 2016, she was handed a guitar and sang an original song, with the video of the performance reaching over 10 million views. Her viral videos have since made her one of the most followed Canadian country artists on TikTok. They also grabbed the attention of American Idol producers, who invited her to perform for their judges - Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Ritchie - in San Diego last season.

Her latest single, “Wanted You To,” became a runaway success, achieving critical acclaim and breakthrough radio airplay, reaching #25 on the Mediabase Country Chart and spending nine weeks in the Top 30. “Wanted You To” was the highest-charting independent CanCon single by a female artist in 2021. After an electrifying CMAB performance, she was awarded Horizon Single of the Year at the 2022 Country Music Alberta Awards which led to her singing agency and management deals. The future is extremely bright for Hailey Benedict.

Twitter: @Thatsmehaileyb

Instagram: @Thatsmehaileyb

Facebook: thatsmehaileyb


Lemon Cash – 6:00 p.m.

​There's a saying when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Ottawa-born brothers, Cory and Jeff Papineau live by this saying. So much so, that they named their band Lemon Cash. The band’s name was inspired from the brothers childhood when they ran a neighbourhood lemonade stand. The two brothers would come home each day celebrating their hard- earned “lemon cash”. To this day they share similar interests in music and continue to write and record music together. Starting out as a rock band, they had success playing lots of gigs, receiving radio traction and formed quite a substantial following. Looking to evolve their music, Cory and Jeff found their sweet spot and transitioned into the country world where they would come to realize this is where their tastes and personalities fit best.

Twitter: @LemonCash

Instagram: @Lemoncash

Facebook: lemoncashh



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Other Entertainment

Calling all sports lovers, makers, gardeners, performers, shoppers, music enthusiasts and food truck connoisseurs! Explore the best of Lethbridge College and the community has to offer at Coulee Fest!

  • The LC Academic carnival
  • Petting zoo
  • Inflatables
  • Lawn games
  • Photo booth
  • Meet and greet with Disney Princesses and Superman
  • Caricature drawings by local artist, Donna Bilyk
  • Horse drawn carriage rides with Once Upon a Time Rides
  • Kodiak Crafts and so much more!


Kodiak Beast Feast

The, Kodiak Beast Feast, Eating Contest will take place at 3:30 pm on Saturday, September 17, 2022. Twenty individuals will compete.

The rounds will be as follows:

Round 1: No use of hands will be permitted
One (1) berry pie

The first 10 people to complete their pie, and be cleared by the judges, will move on to compete in round two.

Round 2: Individuals must use an oversized spoon
One (1) bowl of Swedish berries

The top 3 teams to complete their food, and be cleared by the judges, will move on to compete in the final round

Final Round: Contestants must wear bear paws on their hands and cannot lift their bowl off the table
One (1) bowl of Goldfish crackers

First Kodiak to complete their food, and be cleared by the judges, will be declared the winner! 

Grand Prize
  • $100 Hudsons GC
  • Gift basket with select LC swag
  • Trophy
General Rules
  • No purchase required to enter.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to enter
  • Food substitutions will be available if needed
  • All contestants will compete individually
  • Competitors must complete the online registration form prior to September 10
Contest Eating Rules
  1. A completed registration form with acknowledgement of the waiver must be signed by all contestants prior to the start of the contest.
  2. All contestants must be checked in and at the stage no later than 15 minutes prior to the contest start time.
  3. The judges will determine the winner(s) in each round, not the participants. The judge’s decision will be final.
  4. Contestants will wait for the signal to start. Contestants may not touch any food until the start signal is given.
  5. Vomiting during a contest is an automatic disqualification.
  6. Participants may NOT spit out food to make room for other food in their mouths. Pushing too much food on the floor or lap during or at the end of the competition is not allowed.
  7. Contestants may eat either standing, sitting, or kneeling in their designated area.
  8. Contestants may not leave the stage for any reason during the rounds. Doing do will be grounds for disqualification
  9. Each competitor will be provided with bottles of water and napkins.
  10. All items will be purchased from a commercial supplier and/or Lethbridge College Culinary services.
  11. Should a competitor be observed hiding their food, intentionally dropping items, or placing them on another plate he/she will be disqualified.
  12. The “Chipmunking Rule” will be in effect, which means that all food must be swallowed to count.
  13. In the event of a tie, participants will be given two Bear Paw cookies and the first to finish will be deemed the winner.
  14. Any contestant caught breaking any of the above listed rules will be disqualified.

Event is limited to a total of 20. Three additional competitors will be registered as alternates if competing teams are unable to participate.

Close of Registration

Close of registration is September 10, 2022.

Waiver of Participation

All participants MUST sign a liability waiver and release for use of the event. Contestant acknowledges that there are risks of personal injury and illness which may result from participating in this contest. Contestant, as a condition of entry, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Lethbridge College for any and all responsibility, damages, and injury that may occur to the contestant as a result of participating in this eating contest.


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Thank You! – 1st Choice Savings  – For being our official stage sponsor!

Music reminds us that we’re all connected through shared passions and ideas. Regardless of who you are, it invites all of us to a common ground where we can find joy and self-expression. That’s why it was important to create this opportunity for people to come together, engage, and feel included in our community through the power of music. 1st Choice is excited to provide that experience to Coulee Fest attendees.