An honorary degree or diploma is the highest form of recognition offered by Lethbridge College. Honorary credentials are presented to people who have made significant contributions to education and/or who demonstrates a commitment to values aligned with the college. Unlike traditional academic requirements, the honorary degree exempts recipients from the usual prerequisites such as matriculation, residence, study and passing of examinations.

Who can be nominated for an honorary degree?

Honorary degrees are presented to single individuals who are external to the college. Current college employees may not be nominated, but former employees and alumni may be nominated.

When is the honorary degree awarded?

Honorary degrees may be presented at Lethbridge College’s Spring Convocation ceremonies.

Fields of distinction:

Honorary degree recipients have made significant contributions in their communities in diverse ways. They exemplify values that resonate with Lethbridge College, making their achievements relevant and highly significant to our community.

Who can submit a nomination?

Current employees and students of Lethbridge College can nominate outstanding individuals who have left an indelible mark on education, or who exemplify a deep commitment to values aligned with the college – being caring, dedicated and responsive. Nominations are due to the attention of the Vice President Academic by the third Friday in December. 

If you have someone in mind who you believe would be an exceptional candidate, kindly share your suggestions with the Office of the Vice President Academic.

Nomination forms can be accessed on the official forms website.

The full honorary degree policy can be found on the policy and procedures website.


Past Honorary Degree recipients

Lethbridge College is proud to celebrate our past Honorary Degree recipients.

2023 – Dave Jackson

2022 – Betty Ann Little Wolf

2021 – Murray Sinclair

2019 – Troy Reeb

2018 – Peter Weasel Moccasin

2017 – Right Hon. Beverley McLachlin

2016 – Randy Dunlop

2015 – Steve Meszaros

2014 – Keith Dys

2013 – Knud Peterson

2011 - Beverly Hungry Wolf

2009 - Bart Davies

2006 - Floyd Wilson

2002 - Dave Les Strange

1995 - Gwen Leavitt

1994 - Lyle Lambert

1993 - Art Potvin

1991 - Everett Soop

1990 - Fred Nowicki

1987 - Ernie Psikla

1986 - Leo Bourassa