Course Description

Photography for Beginners | Claresholm Campus

The purpose of this fun and interactive 16-hour course is to get familiar with your camera and learn to take photographs that are thoughtfully composed. The first three sessions cover the technical aspects of camera settings and picture/data management.

This opens the door to the following three sessions which discuss the use of compositional elements that facilitate creative photography. We wrap up the course with a field trip to put into practice the skills and techniques you have learned.

Important: You will need a camera with the ability to manually adjust settings including focus, ISO, shutter speed and aperture.

Fall 2019 Session

  • This course has been postponed to Winter 2020. 

Winter 2020 Session

  • We are currently planning our Winter 2020 programming. If you are interested in this course in the winter semester, please email to express your interest and we will contact you once the courses have been scheduled.