Course Description

Beyond the Basics of Sewing | Claresholm Campus

If you know the basic operation of a sewing machine and can do simple projects; maybe it is time to learn a few techniques so you can attempt more detailed sewing projects.  We will practice darts, tucks, gathering, easing, staystitching and other techniques you are interested in learning.  There will be enough time to produce an intermediate project, be it a simple article of clothing, a decorative household item or small personal item.

Fall 2019 Session

  • This course is not currently scheduled for the fall session. If you are interested in the course, please email to express your interest and we will contact you the next time this course is offered. 

Winter 2020 Session

  • We are currently planning our Winter 2020 programming. If you are interested in this course in the winter semester, please email to express your interest and we will contact you once the courses have been scheduled.