We want to help make sure you get the most from your tour. Below is a list of questions that cover some of the frequently asked questions students have.

Top questions to ask your Lethbridge College tour guide:


How would you describe student life?

Whether you are interested in extra-curricular activities, sports, part-time jobs, research or student clubs, Lethbridge College has many opportunities for you to explore.

What is the most exciting experience you have had as a student here?

Our Student Ambassadors love to share their stories and perspective of student life. Many of our students have participated in interesting activities such as designing a house for a local builder. Ask your tour guide about their story!

What is the typical class size?

Can you picture yourself here? Ask your tour guide to show you a typical classroom in your program area of interest. We value providing hands-on practical experience for students and many of our classrooms reflect this.

What tutoring services are available?

Where is a quiet place to study? If you are worried about feeling overwhelmed or you need help with writing a paper, we have your back! Ask your tour guide to point out services for students like tutoring, research or technical support, and see if they’ll show you their favourite study spot.

What safety measures are in place?

Your safety is important to us, our Security department provides safe walks to your destination on campus, ask us for more information.

What supports are available for students' mental and physical well-being?

Your health and well-being are our priority. We provide services through a team of registered nurses, doctors, and counsellors. Our services are available to all students and employees, as well as their families. Counselling services for students are offered both on and off campus, through face-to-face, online and over the phone sessions. Students can visit mystudentsupport.com or call 1.855.649.8641.

Are you looking for somewhere to meet new friends?

Ask your tour guide about fun events such as Coulee Fest.

Where is your favourite place to go that is not on campus?

Having a different perspective on the college experience is a great way to decide if this is the right fit for you. You’ll also get to know the city and the area (did you know we are only one hour away from the U.S. border and 1.5 hours away from a ski hill?).

What is the food like?

Food fuels our brains and our souls, so ask your guide about food options on campus and off. Students can always tell you where the best pizza is!

How diverse is the campus?

Did you know over the past decade, Lethbridge College had students come from 132 different countries around the world! We also offer Indigenous and LGBTQ+ lounges and a Multi-Faith room that all students are welcome to use.

What should I expect from my instructors?

Lethbridge College has a wide variety of different instructors and staff, all of whom are here to support our students. Ask our student ambassadors about their relationships with instructors.

Finally, don’t forget to ask your tour guide why they chose Lethbridge College.

Our students have unique reasons for studying here, and they are happy to share their story with you!