Sarah Yavitu, MSc

Academic Centre
I graduated from the University of Lethbridge with both a Bachelor of Science and Education in Mathematics and Kinesiology in 2004. I returned to the University of Lethbridge in 2010 to complete a Master of Science focusing on Exercise Science, Physics and Mathematics, with a focus on Biomechanics and Physiology. I loved that I was able to combine my two passions into a master’s degree program.
Anatomy and Physiology
Exercise Science

Professional Experience

Teaching Experience

I taught high school in New Zealand for five years then returned to Canada to complete my master’s degree. After I finished my master’s program, I worked as a substitute teacher in the Lethbridge Public school system. I was contracted for some curriculum development through Lakeland College and I also taught several different contract term positions for Lethbridge College over those years before being hired full-time by Lethbridge College. I have been teaching full-time at Lethbridge College since 2007. I mostly teach math and science courses in the Academic Upgrading program but also teach some Anatomy and Physiology labs as well as Biomechanics in the Exercise Science program.


I am not currently participating in research, but when I completed my master’s degree my research project examined the mechanical efficiency of a new bicycle design investigating biomechanical and physiological properties of the rider


Academic Credentials

BSc Major: Mathematics, Minor: Kinesiology, University of Lethbridge
BEd Major: Mathematics, Minor: Physical Education, University of Lethbridge
MSc Individualized Multidisciplinary focussing on Biomechanics, Physics, and Mathematics, University of Lethbridge


Biomechanics of Bi-Directional Bicycle Pedaling - Biomechanik published by Shaker Verlag 2014