Dan Kazakoff, MBA

Academic Centre
I have 25 years of experience teaching and doing administration at the postsecondary level. I was also in the private sector both as a manager and as a consultant. I love teaching and focus on introductory business management, communications and business research.

Professional Experience

Teaching Experience

I have taught at the postsecondary level for 25 years. Courses that I have taught, include Introductory Management, Business Research, Small Business Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, Strategic Management, Ethics, Organizational Theory, Project Management and Consulting.

Industry Work

I have worked both as a manager and consultant.


I have published two books on small business management and articles dealing with small business management, management education and strategic management.


Academic Credentials

B.Comm. - 1983 U of Calgary

B.A. - 1985 U of Calgary

MBA - 1987 U of Alberta


Hunter, M. Gordon and Kazakoff, Dan. Small Business: Journey to Success. (Academic Publishing International, 2012).

Hunter, M. Gordon and Kazakoff, Dan. Multi-Generation Small Business Response to the Recent Financial Crisis. Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship. (January, 2012).

Hunter, M. Gordon and Kazakoff, Dan. Little Empires: Multi-Generation Small Businesses in Southern Alberta, Canada. (Heildelberg Press, 2008).

Kazakoff, Dan. Strategic Planning for Small Business: Making Your Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow. Haney Farms Quarterly (Issue 5).

Conference Presentations

Kazakoff, Dan. "The Integrated Management Experience (IME): Connecting to the Community". (2019. Perspectives on Experiential Learning Conference, University of Guelph).

Hunter, M. Gordon and Kazakoff, Dan. "Small Business 'Success': Growth versus Longevity". (2014. The Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference) Best Paper Award.