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The world is full of opportunities, careers and jobs that didn’t exist even a generation ago. But how do you choose the best fit for you? Let’s start by looking at programs that have openings for this fall – that way your first step toward igniting a new passion and starting on a new career and learning path can begin as soon as possible.


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Agricultural Enterprise Management

The Agricultural Enterprise Management program will equip you with business skills and ag foundation needed for success from field to fork and all points between.


Agricultural Enterprise Management

The Agricultural Enterprise Management program goes beyond theory to include blended and experiential learning, as well as applied research, working with and for the agricultural industry to solve real-world problems. This is an industry responsive integrated learning pathway designed and developed in partnership with the University of Lethbridge. This is Agricultural Enterprise Management.

If you envision a career in agribusiness, this is the program for you.

Bringing together economics, management and science, Agricultural Enterprise Management delivers a balanced curriculum that will give you a strong foundation in business and an overview of agriculture in western Canada. Our focus on data-driven decision making will build your knowledge in both the upstream (production) and downstream (value-added) aspects of agriculture.

You’ll have a chance to unleash your passion for the business side of crop production, soil management, livestock production, irrigation resources and sustainable agriculture. After two years, you’ll be ready for a career in a variety of areas, including agricultural production, commodity marketing, value-added and sustainable agriculture, distribution and finance.

Did we mention you’ll be using virtual reality? Your hands-on learning at Lethbridge College will be unlike anything you’ve experienced. When we can’t get you to the operations, we’ll bring the operations to you through virtual reality and 360-degree video experience. And we’ll ensure you have plenty of opportunities to put your skills into practice in the actual businesses and corporations that will one day be your workplace.

Start your career in agribusiness here –
apply to the Agricultural Enterprise Management program today!

Agriculture Sciences

You’ll master the science of plants, soil and animals in top-notch lab facilities and gain hands-on and heads-above experience in agriculture production.


Agriculture Sciences

Plant your future in the Agriculture Sciences program and beef up your career with a major in either Plant and Soil Science or Animal Science. Our instructors, who have first-hand experience doing the same kind of work you want to do, will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need for success in the agriculture industry.

Your classroom will be the plant lab, field, computer lab and barn. Studying in the Cousins Science Centre – a state-of-the-art, technologically advanced facility – you’ll use research grade, industry-preferred equipment. You’ll also get the chance to work with real business models and gain insight into what it takes to flourish in the industry while touring the operations of some of the most progressive producers in the region, from the small specialty farmer to the large commercial operation.

Combine your interests in Agriculture Sciences –
apply today!

Business people
Business Administration

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit. Spend your first year learning business basics, then deep-dive into one of four areas of specialization in your second year.


Business Administration

We can help you become an integral part of the business world in our Business Administration program. Your first year will allow you to acquire basic business skills, building a solid foundation of effective business principles. In your second year, you’ll tailor your education towards your career aspirations with one of four majors.

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, you can participate in an international exchange or continue your studies after graduation through the transfer agreements with institutions around the globe. Many of those transfers are for 2 + 2 programs, meaning you only need to put in an additional two years at university to earn your bachelor’s degree. Whatever direction you go in, you’ll be dressed for success with a Business Administration diploma.


Put your appreciation for details and numbers to work in the accounting major. Through theoretical and practical application, you’ll develop the background needed to succeed in accounting positions and pursue an accounting designation.


Prepare to lead the business world of tomorrow with a major in management. Through case studies, simulations and other engaging learning experiences, you’ll solve real business and organizational problems, gaining expertise in management, leadership and communication.


Analyze the strategies that make a business successful as a marketing major. With a focus on practical application, we’ll ensure you’re ready for your career as a marketing professional. You’ll conduct group presentations, solve case studies, create marketing plans and even work with local businesses.

General Business

Have an entrepreneurial spirit? The general business major might be right for you. Ideal for those planning entrepreneurial careers, the major allows for significant flexibility in choosing courses; you can perfectly match your education to your career goals.

Get dressed for success –
apply to the Business Administration program today!

Police academy
Correctional Studies

Working in the Corrections field, helping offenders become productive members of society, isn’t for everyone. You could be the special person we need.


Correctional Studies

It takes a certain type of individual with good decision making, communication and interpersonal skills to work in corrections; that person could be you. In the corrections field, you’ll spend time working with individual offenders, helping them to become productive members of society. Our Correctional Studies program will give you the skills and hands-on experience you need to help change lives.

In the classroom, you’ll be immersed in theory, gaining insight on topics ranging from criminology to psychology. Of course, you won’t just be learning from textbooks and lectures – we’ll ensure you receive the practical training crucial to your career through practicums in real correctional facilities that allow you to experience corrections first hand.

As an added bonus, all our courses are available through online learning on a full- or part-time basis to suit your lifestyle. And, should you choose to expand your knowledge of this challenging field, completion of the Correctional Studies diploma qualifies you for entry into the third year of our Bachelor of Applied Arts – Justice Studies program.

Start your career in corrections –
apply today!

Digital Communications and Media

The media world changes fast. With a Digital Communications and Media diploma, you’ll be ready for a career in media or journalism, in whatever form it takes.


Digital Communications and Media

As the ways we share and digest information and entertainment change, so do the traditional mediums we rely on. But in the evolving world of media and communications, one thing is certain: no matter how it is delivered, content is key.

You’ll learn how to create that content in this two-year Digital Communications and Media program. Reflecting the evolution of the industry, our program incorporates cutting-edge industry trends and the latest equipment and tools into the classroom to ensure your education remains relevant tomorrow. And after completing a common first year of courses, you can specialize and expand your knowledge and skills to best suit your career aspirations.

Digital Journalism

In Digital Journalism, you’ll learn how to create and deliver news for broadcast, print and mobile while employing innovative online and social media strategies. You’ll get a taste of what the future holds as you receive hands-on training both behind and in front of the camera and the microphone, as well as on mobile devices and online.

Media Production and Advertising

If you have something to say, we’ll show you how to deliver the message in the Media Production and Advertising stream. You’ll learn how to take great ideas and creatively use audio, video and graphic design to engage audiences and share those big ideas with the rest of the world through newspaper, magazine, TV, radio and online formats.

Your career in media and communications starts at
Lethbridge College. Apply today!

Engineering Design and Drafting Technology

Every building and construction project starts with a plan. This program will give you the theory and experience to engineer ideas to life.


Engineering Design and Drafting Technology

Design and drafting technologists prepare engineering and architectural plans as well as project specifications for commercial and residential buildings and other construction projects. Their work is essential to all aspects of engineering and construction – and our Engineering Design and Drafting Technology program will provide you with both the theory and experience you need to succeed on the job.

Through an immersive blend of theory and hands-on training, you’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of design and drafting fundamentals.

You’ll learn how to design and draft drawings, plans and diagrams while using 3D computer-assisted drafting technology and 3D printing to help bring your ideas to life.

In this program, you'll have opportunities to become a successful engineering technologist working as part of an engineering team preparing plans for all types of buildings, subdivisions and other infrastructure projects.

Draw your route to success in the Engineering Design and
Drafting Technology program. Apply today!

Geomatics students
Geomatics Engineering Technology

Geomatics brings together surveying and mapping, through a marriage of satellite and drone technology and traditional physical site searches.


Geomatics Engineering Technology

Geomatics brings together surveying and mapping with widely popular technologies such as global positioning systems (GPS), geographic information systems (GIS) and satellite image analysis. In our Geomatics Engineering Technology, you’ll get the 411 on these technologies and the latest data collection techniques as we prepare you for a career in this dynamic field.

We’ll ensure you walk out of here with all of the knowledge and all of the skills you’ll need to enter the workforce.

Your first year will give you a comprehensive introduction to engineering fundamentals. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll become familiar with surveying, mapping and data collection techniques. In your second year, you’ll hone your skills in collecting high-precision location data, as well as mapping and analyzing it using industry-standard software applications. You’ll even have the option to gain first-hand experience of the industry in an elective practicum.

And did we mention you’ll be working with unmanned aerial vehicle technology (drones)?

Our geomatics engineering grads are in high demand –
become one of them. Apply today!

Virtual reality
Interior Design Technology

A well-designed space can be the difference between a house and a home, or a business success or failure. Learn how to take an idea from concept to reality.


Interior Design Technology

Interior design is about energizing an environment to maximize its potential, using the creative and practical space to create healthy, productive and exciting living and working environments. And we’ll show you just how to do that in our Interior Design Technology program, which is structured around the professional standards of the Council for Interior Design Accreditation.

In the classroom, our experienced instructors will stimulate your imagination while showing you how to develop creative yet practical solutions to the challenges you’ll face in your career. With our hands-on, practical approach to training, you’ll use laptops loaded with the latest industry-standard software, put classroom theory into practice during group projects and gain valuable experience working on real-world design projects throughout the region in a 120-hour community-based practicum.

If you visualize a career in interior design, start in our
Interior Design Technology program. Apply today!




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